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On Walpurgisnacht 2017 Underworld Amusements announces a new 10th Anniversary edition of High Priest Peter H. Gilmore’s The Satanic Scriptures, and a new paperback edition of the Spanish translation Las Escrituras Satanicas. Both feature, printed for the first time, Magus Gilmore’s 2016 address to a secret meeting of the Church of Satan held to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The Satanic Scriptures
$16.95, 5″ x 8″, 308 pages, ISBN 978-1943687084
Available from,, the publishers website (US only), ASP Culture (UK/Europe) and other retailers.

Las Escrituras Satanicas
$16.95, 5″ x 8″, 328 pages, ISBN 978-0983031482
Available from,, the publishers website, and other retailers.

The Satanic Scriptures hands down the wit, wisdom and diabolical perspective of the Church of Satan’s High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore. These essays, articles and diatribes have been collected from over twenty years of the High Priest’s writings for his infernal cabal, some first issued in the pages of publications available only to insiders. From the magic of toys to techniques of time travel, Magus Gilmore leads the reader down a Left-Hand Path where few will find what they expect.

The Devil always has all the best tunes and now you’ll hear from a Satanic Maestro how the Dark Lord has influenced composers and musicians long before the advent of electric guitars and stadium concerts.

Magus Gilmore reveals principles of Satanic Ritual in a frank discussion of forbidden rites. What is a Satanic Funeral? How do Satanists marry? Find out now, as these unholy ceremonies have never before been disclosed outside of the Church of Satan’s Hellish Hierarchy. Here is the philosophy for those bold enough to be their own Gods—or Devils.


Prelude by Blanche Barton

The Essays
Satanism: The Feared Religion
We Are Legion
A Primer for Fledgling Misanthropologists
The Tide Turns
Apocalypse Now
I Am The Light and The Way
On the First Anniversary of 9/11
Victors and Victims: From West Memphis to Columbine
Pervasive Pantywaistism
The Fascism Question
Iron Youth
Founding Family: “Morality” versus Same-Sex Marriage
Intellectual Black Holes
Green-Eyed Hamsters
Satanic Aesthetics
Diabolus In Musica
Idol Pleasures
Hell of a Town
ANTON SZANDOR LaVEY A Tribute for The Cloven Hoof
Farewell, Dark Fane
On Elaboration and Justice
Natural Hierarchy: As Above, So Below
Masterful Slaves
The Myth of the “Satanic Community”
Rebels Without Cause
The Magic of Mastery
Every Man and Woman is a Star…
Time Travel— Cheap and Easy
What, the Devil?
Walpurgisnacht LI A.S.

The Rituals
Satanic Ritual
A Satanic Wedding
A Satanic Funeral Rite
Rite of Ragnarök

Nocturne: To The Devil Born by Peggy Nadramia

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